Richard Butchins

Richard is a multi-disciplinary artist based in the UK. His current work focuses on reinventing vanitas through fine art photography. He places flowers and meaningful objects in dramatic lighting, using techniques that reflect his background in film making. He is available for commissions and these could include clients’ objects and items reflecting a company’s heritage.

Richard has worked as a multi-disciplinary artist since 2014 and lives by the sea in Hastings, UK. He is also an established filmmaker, journalist, novelist and photographer. Richard is an award winning artist with both his art and film making projects. His work has focused on those pushed to the margins of society, the fallen and broken on the way.

A self-taught artist in all respects he uses moving image and photography. Partially paralysed since childhood, Richard creates work exploring “ableist privilege” and otherness. Richard is currently reinventing vanitas with photography using flowers, objects and superb lighting. He also continues to work on his film making, including documentaries about art and disability for major broadcasters in the UK.