Margot Roulleau-Gallais

Margot is a London based sculptor. She has worked on commissions internationally as well as commercial based commissions. Her work is a truthful rendition of the subject, carving natural grooves in her work to show emotion and express the effect of time. Her work can be found in private members clubs and public spaces. It would also fit well in hotels, yachts and public spaces.

As Margot grew up in Versailles, just outside of Paris, where her fascination with the palace gardens inspired her passion as a sculptor. She studied a degree in technical arts and special effects at Wimbledon college of art in London, gaining a great knowledge in both figurative sculpture and the various technical skills that surround the discipline. She was taught by Allan Sly whose work can be seen around London. She creates lifelike sculptures in highly naturalistic poses. “Capturing likeness is one of Margot’s real Talent […] She is a young talent who has worked for leading British sculptors and is attracting Patrons for commissions in her own right.”

Margot has since established herself as a commission based artist, doing portraits of the likes of Thierry Henry, Edward Lear and AA Milne, whilst also working commercially for numerous established artists as well as being a sculptor for Madame Tussaud’s. With an eye for form and a passion for clay, making dreams come reality is one of Margot’s life mission.

Margot enjoys the challenges set by working to commission. Comfortable in a variety of scales, her works can accommodate every environment.