Emma Carey Baxendale

Emma Carey Baxendale is a multidisciplinary artist, who resides between Manchester, United Kingdom and Malaga, Spain. Strongly influenced by the abstract greats such as Rothko and Picasso, Emma's artistic research focuses on the dynamics and discovery of the primitive and ancestral, synthesizing the most significant, abstracting the essence of emotional tonal connection.

After earning her Master's degree in Fine Art from the University of Ulster Belfast in 2002, Emma felt compelled to broaden her horizons. She travelled to far-flung destinations like New Zealand and Singapore, immersing herself in new cultures while contemplating her path. Upon returning home, Carey pursued a PGCE in Art and Design at Manchester Metropolitan University, allowing her to blend both passions by becoming a secondary art teacher. For over a decade, she nourished students' artistic talents and inspired creative confidence.
In 2015, Carey's life took an unexpected turn following a health scare. A year later, she took a leap of faith establishing a private nursery school for young children, integrating art into the curriculum. In 2021 Emma rediscovered her drive to paint full-time. She began channeling emotions onto canvas, unleashing torrents of color and meaning with each brushstroke. Sharing works on Instagram brought overwhelming support, and within weeks, Carey exhibited alongside Banksy in Paris. Since then, with features in Vogue and Art Basel shows, her artistic success has skyrocketed.