Patrick MacPherson

Studio Persea specialise in high-end interior design and arts for private homes and specialised spaces.

Our team apply a knowledge of the traditional design elements and principles in order to evoke an emotional level of feeling and experience throughout.

By balancing aspects of styles such as eclecticism, minimalism, and opulence alongside a focus on heritage and philosophy, we are able to create a style for your space that is tailored specifically to suit your tastes and needs.

The designed-spaces will tell unique stories for you and for your guests.  While some areas will bring you a sense of calm and clarity,  other spaces can bring a sense of mystery and wonder.  We listen to how you want to feel and we work with your highest ideas and expectations in order to create the experience that you most desire for your home and space.

Our level of care and in-depth approach to design is focused to cater for the high and ultra-high-net-worth individuals ( HNW / UHNW ) who desire a highly personalised connection with their spaces.  We provide services for varied market levels depending on the speciality of your design needs.

Persea maintain a luxurious level of quality in all of our processes from our informative discussions with you about your chosen ideas, down to the subtle fine detailing of designs that are made bespoke just for you and your guests.

With experience on projects in London, Europe, New York, China, and Vietnam, Persea follow the global movements in lifestyle, design, art, and philosophy so that we can design  your space to feel timelessly harmonious for the long-term future.

We maintain an aspect of sustainability throughout our work,  from encouraging the use of local materials and production methods and revolutionary applications of a low carbon footprint.

Persea works increasingly to support organisations and events for wildlife conservation, education, mental health and wellbeing.  We observe the interconnection of our lifestyle choices, and we work for a  healthy growth that benefits the wellbeing of all.