ArtIn is super pleased to announce a new partnership with Pandora Art Services. 

The partnership will provide training services to clients needing to protect and appreciate their art collections in private residences, hotels, members clubs and superyachts – including assisting crew in caring for art and avoiding severe financial loss with artworks on board.

The partnership will support clients with the practicalities of protecting and managing an art collection with a specific emphasis on educating the caretakers of the collection to preserve the art investments to their best advantage.

It will also offer a service to give deeper insights into art history and its legacy to enrich and inspire the those owning and caring for the art in situ. Our art appreciation courses also enable employees to relate to, understand, discuss, and enjoy the newfound art on their walls.

Pandora Mather-Lees will be leading the training; as an art historian with over 20 years’ experience in the commercial art sector, she brings an unparalleled insight to the industry. She will also support the collections management systems and processes on board vessels and in households, hotels, and other institutions along with Art In… agency

ArtIn said “Given that so much care is usually taken in the selection of art for interiors, including the use of certain materials (particularly for superyachts), the aftercare of the art is hugely important, yet is sometimes overlooked and can also lead to financial loss.  

As well as caring for art, the new courses will help give ‘caretakers’ of art both insight and a deeper level of appreciation for their art collections.  

Pandora Mather-Lees said “Providing the necessary training and skill set to protect valuable art works to safeguard and preserve the original condition of the work is paramount. Subjects covered range from art handling, awareness of climate and placement issues to insurance and logistics. We launched Art On Superyachts to preserve owners’ assets onboard because we have witnessed what can go wrong.”