Rodolfo Villaplana

Rodolfo Villaplana is a figurative portrait artist based in Italy and the South of France. He has a passionate following that began in the UK and has spread across several capital cities in Europe and beyond. Rodolfo’s success continues at an increasingly impressive pace and his work is collected internationally. Flowers that look so real you want to lean forward to catch their scent and intense portraits that retain a veil of mystery.

Green Roses, 200x190cm, 2020.
I Can’t Breathe Mamma, 150x100cm, 2020
Wilkommen,180x200cm, 2020

Duchamp is dead. 190x190cm.oil.2015. Private collection Rome
Asley.150x100cm.oil. 2016. Private collection Paris
Lisianthus, 70x100cm, oil on canvas, London 2018.
Sunflowers, 122x155cm, oil on canvas, London 2019
Semper Augustus.155x155cm.oil.London 2018
Callas, 70x100cm, oil on canvas, London 2018.

Peonies, 155x122cm,oil on canvas, London 2018.
Pagliaccio, 70x50cm.oil, 2015, Private collection Milan
Paul and Nora, 160x160cm.oil, Private collection London, 2013