Roberta Verteramo CV


Her projects have been selected for some of the most important Brands including Alessi, Kartell, Fornasetti, VisonnaireHome, San Lorenzo Yacht, BlueGame Yacht, Amer Yachts, ARS Italica.


Luciano Benetton Foundation, Imago Mundi, Luciano Benetton, Italy.

B.J. Architect, Private collection, London.

Querelli Foundation, Parco d’arte, Italy.

Marco Boglione, Robe di Kappa, Private collection, Turin.

Samir Traboulsi collection, London.

Thierry Barbier-Mueller, Paris.

Copelouzos Family Art Museum, Kifissia, Athens.


2020 Yacht Düsseldorf, Bluegame, painting exhibition.

2019 PAD, 88Gallery London, furniture exhibition, London.

2019 Genoa Yacht festival, furniture and paintings exhibition at the VIP room, Genoa Italy.

2019 Cannes yacht festival, painting exhibition at the Luxury Gallery, Cannes, France.

2018 Masterpiece, 88Gallery London, furniture exhibition, London.

2018 Selected designer in collaboration with VisonnaireHome, “Galitsin table”, Fuori Salone, Milan.

2018 Red Dot Miami, Art Basel, 11 Hellheaven gallery, furniture exhibition.

2018 PAD, 88Gallery London, furniture exhibition, London.

2018 MASTERPIECE, 88Gallery, furniture exhibition, London.

2018 Imago Mundi, Luciano Benetton, Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea Roma, Italy.

2017 Accatelier, open Art studios exhibition, painting exhibition, for city Turin, Italy.

2017 Minotti showroom, painting exhibition, London.

2017 Cannes yachts festival, exhibition on San Lorenzo yachts, Cannes, France.

2017 Ettore Fico Museum, painting exhibition, Turin.

2017 Il giardino Gallery, painting exhibition, Berg en Terblijt, Nederland.

2016 Minotti showroom, painting exhibition, London.

2016 Prague With Love: Syrian, space Obejvák, Prague [November 9 – December 23, 2015].

2016 OPEN19, International Exhibition of Sculptures and Installations, Hilton Molino Stucky, Venice.

2016 San Lorenzo Yacht, solo show, paintings exhibition, Port of Cannes.

2016 Praestigium Contemporary Artists from Italy, Imago Mundi, Luciano Benetton, The Art of Humanity

at The Pratt Institute the Rubelle and Norman Stifler Gallery, New York.

2016 San Lorenzo Yacht, San Lorenzo event, paintings exhibition, port of Rapallo.

2015 Praestigium Contemporary Artists from Italy, Luciano Benetton, Cini Foundation, Venice.

2015 Imago mundi, Luciano Benetton collection, Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation, Turin.

2014 Ghione Theatre, Attraverso, ArtFilm, Rome, Italy.

2014 TheOther event- OrientArt Lugano Foundation, Attraverso, ArtFilm, Lugano, Switzerland.

2014 Piazza Carignano- Turin City and BMW, L’anima e il paesaggio, art-performance, Turin.

2013 Tanztheater Experience di M.Maggipinto (Pina Bausch Company), Stalker Teatro, Turin, Italy .

2013 Punti di memoria performance, After Bike, Contemporary Art Biennal, Florence, Italy.

2013 Punti di memoria video, Il casinò dell’arte: kunstkammer in progress, XI Florence Biennale, Italy.

2013 Black on Black, paintings, Castello di Rivara Contemporary Art Centre, Franz Paludetto, Rivara, Italy.

2013 Punti di memoria, artperformance, Biennale di Arte Contemporanea Firenze, Florence, Italy.

2013 Un corpo crudo, artperformance, Mausoleo Bela Rosin- Turin City, Artissima 2013, Turin, Italy.

2012 Ovo Carpet by Verteramo, AlcantaraLab Competition, design exhibition, Milan, Italy.

2012 Maltina Chair, design show, Colombo Art Gallery, Exposition for one object, Milan, Italy.

2011 Senza buon senso, design show curated by Philippe Daverio, Fuori Salone del Mobile Milano, Italy.