Emma Tweedie

Originally from Ireland, but now living and working from her London based studio, Emma Tweedie’s work is semi-abstract and impressionistic in style with a contemporary vibe. Her highly emotive and dynamic layer paintings take their cue from nature, and explore themes of resilience, peace and spirituality. Emma’s paintings have a richness about them built up through many layers, and use a variety of mixed media.  She has extensive experience working on commissions for interior designers and other private clients and has exhibited her work in a variety of settings. She is available for commissions.

Moody Skies
Gillies Seafoam
Sea Lavender
Lecale Haze I
Gorse and Tors
Unnr I

Pink Haze
Atlantic Ripples
Unnr I

Longshore Drift
Slieve Heath 1

Slieve Heath 2